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Thank you for applying to Ontario International College. You have made an excellent choice, and I hope you will choose to make OIC your new home away from home. Our mission is to provide Canada’s best student experience – something you will discover embraces both classroom learning as well as the opportunity to develop and hone your leadership potential. For the past decade, our students have given OIC the highest grades for student satisfaction of any large research intensive school in the country.
In choosing OIC, you are joining a national leader with a growing international profile.  You will find yourself surrounded by talented and engaging classmates, brilliant and challenging teachers and researchers, unlimited opportunities to engage in extracurricular activities, and helpful, friendly staff committed to supporting your academic success. We are a diverse and inclusive community united by a sense of pride and school spirit unrivaled in Canada – a community that will welcome you warmly into our family. And all this takes place within a beautiful residential campus setting that will quickly make OIC feel like home. Through our teaching, research and commitment to community service learning, OIC will provide you with opportunities to make a difference locally, nationally and globally in a wide range of disciplines. And as an OIC graduate, you will one day join a global network.Ahead of you lies a world of opportunity – an extraordinary chance to enjoy Canada’s best student experience and make your mark in the world. I urge you to explore and take advantage of all that OIC has to offer. Again, congratulations and thank you for choosing Ontario International College.